What a Girl Wants-icon
Director (s) Diane Martel
Choreographer Tina Landon
Length 3:22
Christina Aguilera
1. "Genie in a Bottle"

2. "What a Girl Wants"
3. "I Turn to You"

4. "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)"

The music video for "What a Girl Wants" was directed by Diane Martel who had also directed the music video for her previous single "Genie in a Bottle" and it was choreographed by Tina Landon with the lighting in the video more "defined" than the previous single's allowing a "clearer view" of Aguilera. The video starts with a shot showing men inside a room, performing activities such as cycling and DJ-ing until Aguilera and other females enter the room at which the men turn to watch them enter. The women move the men towards the far-end of the room and after asking the men to cover their eyes, the music begins and the women and Aguilera begin to dance. The video shows solo shots of Aguilera performing in-between footage of the dance, and increasingly the men get excited before getting up to dance as shots of Aguilera atop large speakers is shown. As the dance sequence in the first room ends, the screen moves over the ceiling of the venue and shows Aguilera in a different room dressed similarly to a medieval princess[1] laying on a chaise longue whilst women dance around her with fans. After the bridge section finishes the video cuts back to the dancers in the first room and the video ends with a bird-eye-view shot of everyone in the room surrounding Aguilera and a male character who are intimately dancing. On December 16, 1999 the music video reached pole position on the music video chart, TRL.

Music video

Christina Aguilera - What A Girl Wants

Christina Aguilera - What A Girl Wants